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Make an ‘AddThis’ sharing widget for PyroCMS

24 Feb

In this article we’ll learn to make a widget for PyroCMS. This article will teach you the basics of making a PyroCMS widget and we’ll make our own, ready to use AddThis sharing widget along the tutorial.

Before we begin, here’s a little intro:
1) PyroCMS – It’s a ‘Content Management System’ built on ‘CodeIgniter‘ MVC framework written in PHP.

2) AddThis: AddThis is a bookmarking and sharing service, it provides an API with which you can share the content on your blogs or websites across 300+ social networks. Using AddThis is a breeze!

Here are the prerequisites:
1) PyroCMS (well, obviously!). You can get PyroCMS from here. Even though it is built on CI, you won’t need CI installed in your server for Pyro to run.

2) PHP knowledge: Of course, you need to be fairly well in PHP programming. You don’t have to be extremely good at CodeIgniter, just the basics would do.

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